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        英文大圖(以愛待人) 英文大圖(以德興企) 英文大圖(以文集才)

        Success Stories

        Aidewen With strict standards to ensure good quality. To lead a new trend for landing-answer shell, elegant design,

        Success Stories
        Four advantages
        Fifteen years of landing-answer shell design, production experience, the communication between the earliest engaged in housin

        Aidewen Has been adhering to the pursuit of quality first, service first, advanced technology and first-class design into your life, so the communication between our shell design, structural design have invested a lot of energy.

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        With excellent design team, we together a group of excellent designers team

        Aidewen company according to international standards as a professional landing-answer shell design company, we together a group of excellent designers team, have advanced graphics workstations at the same time, the professional design software of CAID, such as Pro/ENGIN.

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        With large variety of finishing equipment, sheet metal processing equipment, plastic injection molding processing equipment.

        Aidewen Have their own housing, metal mold plastic mold production, carved CNC equipment, metal stamping equipment, injection equipment, washing bed, large laser cutting equipment, can undertake plastic mold processing, injection molding products processing, aluminum al.

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        Low cost, short cycle, high quality and more choice

        Aidewen is a professional engaged in security product appearance design, production and processing. To provide customers with design, structural design, mold design and processing, product processing one-stop service. Industrial product appearance design, mold developme.

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        Aidewen·China''s security industry well-known brands
              Aidewen company founded in 2000, is specialized in security product design, production and processing. To provide design - structural design - mold design - product processing, and other train services. Set of industrial products, lightweight design, mold openingHair, products manufactured housing as one of the professional company. Love with the Germancompany to enrich themselves, development, and also established throughout the Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Korea and other places customer base. Not only won thepraise of our customers, but also make us much concern and attention in the industry.Aidewen company as an international standard in accordance with the requirements of professional design company, we gather a number of outstanding team of designers, in addition to advanced graphics workstations, professional design software and other components of CAID, Pro / ENGINEER, etc.Computer-aided industrial design system, and regularly sent out to designers to observe.【View details
        Our Honor

        Business license, tax registration, organization code, national tax, land tax, the general taxpayer qualification

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        • Aidewen,trustworthy

          In the development process of company adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of development, train and absorb a large number of high quality, ability, pursue and dedication of talent, forme.

        • Aidewen,Good quality and good service
          Aidewen,Good quality and good.

          Aidewen Founded in 2000, is a professional engaged in security product appearance design, production and processing. To provide customers with design, structural design, mold design and processing, pr.

        • Diversification is the company's business market advocate tone
          Diversification is the company.

          Aidewen As a professional design company according to international standards, we together a group of excellent designers team, also has the advanced graphics workstations, such as the professional de.

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        Company News
        Company staff collective picture exhibition

        Company staff collective picture exhibition 1, the office of collective display 2, two floor, screen printing workshop collective display assembly 3, the first floor hardware workshop collective display 4, the first floor of the injection workshop collective display 5, the first floor of the milling and engraving workshop collective display 6, the first floo.

        Contact Us·Leading brand landing-answer shell
        Ask The twelfth five-year outlook of the development of the Chin.
        AnsChina todays plastic hardware building materials market is very active, plastic hardware building materials in accordance with the.
        Ask Apple products using plastic and metal material
        AnsThe Chinese net news apples case it multimedia tablets renewable aluminum and glass. According to apple, the device and the iPod t.
        Ask The development of heat insulation material in plastic artic.
        AnsArticle wear type heat insulation aluminum alloy aluminum profile is the traditional togetherness in two, and then use two article.

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